Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dan Loeb's Yahoo Inc. Involvement

Dan Loeb's distinct style which is perceived as ground-breaking, innovative and efflorescent is also seen as controlling, rude and childish by others depending on who you ask. Hedge fund managers and investors alike seem invariably in favour of his nonchalant attitude toward investor activism which breaks from the militant rhetoric of other investment industry leaders. The increasingly legendary hedge fund's manager's varied popularity is to due his activist shareholder activities, which while stur considerable controversy/media attention have never constituted more than 10% of his fund, until his Yahoo position which is now approaching 25% of his equity portfolio. 

Dan Loeb, CEO of Third Point Advisors letters to Yahoo Inc. :

Letter to CEO Jerry YangSeptember 14, 2011

Letter to Board of Directors of Yahoo Inc. (concerning Recapitalization efforts) | November 4, 2011

Letter #2 to Board of Directors (states CEO and Chair of Search Committee false qualifications) | May 3, 2012

Letter #3 to Board of Directors (dismisses CEO apology, outlines path for future governance) | May 9, 2012

Thank you to Cal for your comment which aided with the research for this post - your help is much appreciated!

Enjoy Reading!

Please comment on Dan Loeb's effectiveness or perhaps his changing style or even the fear that CEO's of other companies Third Point invest in must have! Look forward to our conversations!


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